Our Work

From neighborhood plans to regional land use impact studies, from an old historic downtown to a newly designed community, and from a lakefront home to a waterfront revitalization, The Arsh Group’s talented designers and planners forge connections between disciplines, roles, and resources. In our diverse work, we strive to harness technology for the betterment of our human environment and improvement in our aesthetic environment.

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At the Arsh Group, we aim to develop environments which foster viable communities, promotes variation and diversity, and encourage social and ecological well being. The value of the Arsh Group Planning lies in our ability to establish the connections that create meaningful identity and develops a sense of place.

Merrillville Parks Master Plan 2020

Lake County Comprehensive Plan

Highland Zoning Ordinance Update

Landscape Architecture

At the core of our landscape architecture practice is the belief that the historical integration of the built environment with natural system establishes a sense of a place. Our talented associates, combining the arts with science, have created many extraordinary environments at different settings. Beauty is not only an abstract notion to us. We see beauty in a brownfield site turning green; a park becoming alive with playing children; a waterfront where office workers are rediscovering bird watching; and a vacant lot turned into a delightful urban plaza.

Parrish Park

Lakes of the Four Seasons Master Plan

54th Court Rain Garden Plan

Development Consulting

The Arsh Group’s diverse experience and continuing involvement allow us to serve our real estate and development clients in the most comprehensive manner. From large scale mixed-use urban developments to highly specialized campuses to regional lifestyle centers, we have the expertise and resources to provide a full range of development management and planning services. Our integrated capabilities enable us to plan, schedule, and implement projects in manners others can’t match. Our reputation for integrity and our familiarity with local and regional decision makers, fosters support from many quarters to make things happen in many communities we work.

Impact Fees

Merrillville Recreational Complex Feasibility Study

Parrish View Development